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Ourworld - 0cean by Sunehra
Ourworld - 0cean
Art trade with 0cean from the oW forums :3

Also trying to get used to Sai ;w;
The sun shines brightly today and as the car pulls up in front of the black wrought iron gates, the butterflies in my stomach decide to announce their presence once again.
I open the car door and step out on to the pavement and my uncle rolls down his window.
"Be impressive Ruby." He smiles.
"I'll try." I return his smile weakly and watch as he drives away before turning my attention back to the gates.
I read the curling metal letters surrounded by intricate designs. "oW Forums Institute." I sigh. I have been to seven schools so far, yet the same stomach churning feeling that comes when going to visit the prospective schools never fades. Taking a deep breath I cross the empty grounds to the front entrance and step inside.
The entrance hall is brightly lit and there are a few display boards decorating the cream coloured walls.
No-one seems to be around, I suppose everyone is already in their classes. I head to the main reception and I am surprised to see it is also empty.
"Hello?" I call out. No response. Then I notice a little bell so I press it. The sound rings out through the empty hall but no-one comes. I fiddle with the little bell hanging off my collar, a nervous habit of mine. Well, it looks like no-one is coming, might as well sit down and wait. Just as I flop down on one of the teal coloured armchairs, a rather short man enters the entrance hall from a side door, his blonde hair looking slightly ruffled, as if he came here in a hurry. An aura of authority radiated from him.
"Ah, you must be our new prospective student. Follow me Miss um?"
"Miss Ruby. This way please." He heads to the side door and I follow after him, reading the sign on the door that says 'Headmasters Office'. "Please take a seat." He gestures to a leather chair in front of a large wooden desk which I promptly sit in. He sits in the chair opposite me and begins looking through some papers on the desk. I take this opportunity to look around. The office is decorated simply and neatly. Some bookshelves line the side wall, another desk covered with paper sketches and blueprints sits in front of the shelves. A flatscreen monitor is on yet another desk next to a very powerful looking computer. Behind the headmaster's chair a huge painting hangs on the wall. It's of a very pale man with red coloured eyes and blonde hair. The label on the painting informed me the painting was of a man called 'Edwin'.
The headmaster's hairstyle was almost identical to Edwin's.
"Here we are." His voice brings me out of my thoughts and back to the present. "Put this on." He hands me a Visitor badge and a paper file. "This file is a collection of important things everyone here at this institute needs to know. The badge will allow you to freely wander through all the classes and experience the different aspects of our institute. At the end of your tour, you must return to my office and I can answer any questions you might have."
"Thank you sir."
"That's all for now, enjoy your tour."
"I will sir." I pin the badge to the front of my blazer, get up and excuse myself from the office, shutting the door behind me with a soft click.
Back in the entrance hall, I look around, wondering which way to go now. There's still no-one at the reception desk. Maybe there's a map in this file. I ruffle through the papers, catching glimpses of behaviour conduct and information about penalties and ultimately, being banned from ever coming back, but no map.
Just as I'm about to give up, I notice a coloured map on the wall. How did I not notice it before..? Setting the folder down on a nearby table, I walk up to the map and scan it. There are so many classes available.. The Art room seemed to be the closest. I scribble a quick sketch of the map on my hand and finally head through the double doors, bracing myself for my first encounter.

At first the corridor seems empty, but then I spot a girl with light brown hair split in two ponytails full of volume, at her locker. I walk up to her, and I notice a large sticker in her locker saying 'Liz'. She slams her locker door shut, gives me a look and then stalks off. Hm, I should probably ask someone else.
I turn around and continue walking up the corridor. I pass by a door that's slightly open and I can hear voices from inside. Perhaps this is the art room..?

I lean forward to hear better when suddenly, I lose my balance and stumble into what seems to be a staffroom of sorts. Four pairs of eyes turn to look at me. Gosh this is embarassing.
"Oh oops, I didn't mean to intrude.." There's going to be an awkward silence and I'll just have to back out of the room slowly. Just when I'm about to escape, one of the girls breaks the silence.
"Hello!" She calls out and pats the chair next to her, which I promptly sit in. "New here?" She asks, and I nod. "Not to worry, you'll fit right in soon enough. What's your name?"
"That's a pretty name." She smiles and her short wavy hair frames her face. With its lovely shades of brown, her hair reminds me of Autumn or Fall. "I'm Karen. This here is Harlequin." She nods in the direction of the girl sitting opposite her.
"Hello, love." Harlequin grins.
"That's AnLy next to her." The girl with blonde hair looks up from a magazine and smiles. "And over there, that's Genie." I follow her gaze to a girl sitting on one of the desks in the room with a pair of white headphones snugly in her pointed elf ears.
"...Hey how ya doin lil mama lemme whisper in your ear, tell you somethin you'd like to hear..." It took me a few moments to realise she wasn't talking to me but actually singing along to a song. Right.
"Don't worry if you can't remember everyone's names." AnLy says. "We all wear badges with our names on them, see." She shows me a silver badge pinned to the front of her cardigan. It's identical to the Visitor badge I'm wearing, except hers has AnLy written on it.
"Oh that's good to know!" I admit with a sigh of relief.
"So, what do you think of my latest tattoo?" Harlequin rolls down her sock, revealing a white serpent tattoo swirling up her leg.
"It's beautiful.." I say. I think about how they just included me in the conversation even though they just met me. It felt nice to be accepted like that. I drift off to my thoughts while the conversation continues around me.
"All the way up your thigh, was it not painful?"
"Well you know what they say, 'No pain, no gain'."
"Very true."
"Besides, the end result was worth it I think."
"Is it a serpent or a snake?"
"They're pretty much the same thing."
"That's your second tattoo?"
"Yes. Would you like to see my first one Ruby?" Harlequin's question brings me out of my thoughts.
"Oh yes of course."
She brushes her hair away from her nape revealing a small white infinity symbol etched onto her skin.
"It's so cute!"
"Thank you." She smiles. Genie walks over to where we are sitting.
"Have you seen the other departments yet?" She asks me.
"No not yet, this is the first place I found. By accident.."
"Oh right. Make sure you visit them all. It'll help you make a decision in the end." She puts her headphones back in her elf ears and sits down. She has a point. I should go and see the rest of the institute. I stand up.
"It's been lovely to meet you all. I hope to see you again soon."
"Bye, love."
"Bye Ruby!"
"Take care."
"...Somethin you'd like to hear..."
I leave the staffroom with a grin.

Thankfully the next set of doors I come across have glass windows in them, and I peek inside. It's a library!
I open the door as quietly as I can and slip into the room. Inside, there was a hushed silence disturbed only by the sound of pens scribbling on paper. Shelves upon shelves of books lined the walls. Several tables sat in the centre of the room. Some beanbags were scattered around and a few plant pots decorated the otherwise book-dominated room. Two of the tables were occupied.
The table closest to me was occupied by a boy wearing white crow-like wings. He must be thinking about what to write next since his notebook was open but he was absentmindedly waving his pencil around as if it were a magic wand.. A half-eaten brownie lay on a plate next to him.
On a far table, almost hidden behind some plant pots, sat a girl with a leaf-shaped hat, writing furiously. Her leafy hat and mostly green clothing helped her blend in with the foliage.
I walked over to the nearest bookshelf and scanned the titles:
'Emma, who was she?' 'Gifting 101' 'Secrets of Soho Park' were just a few that stood out. A pink coloured beanbag was occupied by a girl in a black bunny suit. She was reading a book so I decide not to disturb her. I browse the rest of the library and tucked away in one of the corners, I spot a girl with blue eyebrows sitting on a black and yellow beanbag writing with a black and yellow pen in a black and yellow notebook. Her badge read 'Intri'.
"Hello." I whisper. She looks up and smiles.
"Heyy, how's it going?"
"Pretty good actually, just taking a tour."
"Oh so you're new here."
"Pretty much."
"It's great here. You'll love it. I like your bell collar by the way."
"Thank you! I love the colour gold."
"Me too! Black and yellow gold is my favourite colour combination."
"I noticed.." I say, eyeing the beanbag. We both smother our laughter. "I'll let you get on with your writing now, take care."
"You too!"
On my way out, the boy with the white wings, Mattheus, offered me a brownie.
"Thank you." I whisper.
"Don't mention it." He smiles at me before continuing to write in his notebook. Taking the brownie with me, I exit the library and find myself in the corridor once more.

This time however, the corridor is no longer empty. A boy with a red clown nose is drinking from a nearby water fountain and a girl with black and white hair is standing in front of a bright red door, rummaging through her bag. I walk up to her. Her badge reads 'Shivvae'.
"Excuse me..?" I begin, and she looks up.
"Um, what room does the red door lead to?"
"Oh that's the Darkroom."
"The Darkroom? Hmm, thank you!"
"You're welcome."
Grabbing hold of the doorknob, I open the door and step inside.

The first thing I notice in the room is a boy wearing a black turtle-neck sweater sitting at a desk. His hair is stylishly swept to one side and he is flicking through a photo album.
"This is one of my favourites." I look around but there is no-one else in the room so he must be talking to me. I step closer to look at what he was talking about. The album was currently open to photograph of a pair of tan coloured work boots surrounded by crispy Autumn leaves.
"Oh it's beautiful. I can understand why it's one of your favourites."
"Thanks!" He shuts the album. "Is there anything you want to know?"
"Hmm, well, what's behind that door?" I point to yet another red coloured door, this time on the back wall of the room.
"Oh that's the actual Darkroom, you know, for developing photographs."
"Oh I see."
"Yep, Maddy's in there just now."
"Mhmm, girl with the bandana?"
"I don't think I've met her."
"Ah I see. Have you seen much of the Institute yet?"
"Not really, just the Staffroom, the Library and now the Darkroom. I should probably get a move on and visit everything else too."
"Alright, take care."
"You too.." I glance at his badge. "..Rabbit." I can hear him laugh as I leave the room.

It seems I have reached the end of this corridor, since all that is left are a pair of rather heavy looking doors with small square shaped glass windows. Upon peering through the window, I discover that it's a theatre room complete with a large wooden stage and red velvet curtains. The lights have been dimmed so it's hard to see exactly what's going on, but it looks like there might be three people inside. I give one of the heavy doors a shove and step inside, letting the darkness of the theatre room envelop me. I walk towards the stage and as I get closer, voices from the stage reach my ears.
"So, why are you a demon?"
"Because of a genetic mutation."
"And you?"
"Because of a fight with a demon, his blood dripped into one of my wounds, now demonic blood flows through my veins."
"Very good! I'll be a demon hunter because the demons murdered my family."
"We should pick our character names."
I sit down in one of the front row seats and all three of the girls turn to look at me.
"Oh, hello!" The girl with a black wavy pattern tattooed on her arm says to me. "Nice to see you here, my name is Skyler." She smiles.
"Ohi. I'm Liz." The girl with black-tipped elf ears chimes in. She notices my bell collar. "Nice bell. I like you already." She winks and I grin.
"Hey there, I'm Mari." The third girl, with a black unicorn plush draped around her shoulders says.
"Nice to meet you Skyler, Liz and Mari. Are you guys practising for a play?"
"Mhmm!" Skyler nods.
"We're just rehearsing some of our roles." Liz adds. I notice she has three black hoop earrings in each ear.
"What is the name of your play?"
"It's called 'Where they hide'." Mari answers.
"Ohh, it sounds interesting. I shall have to watch it when it's ready."
"Yeahh!" They all say in unison and I laugh.
"By the way, where is the rest of the institute? The corridor seemed to end at the theatre.."
"Well you see that door over there, on the right side of the stage?" Mari points to a door almost hidden behind the red velvet curtains.
"That leads to the Wardrobe Department." Skyler finishes.
"We get our fancy costumes from there." Liz winks again.
"Ah I see."
"If you go through the other door in the wardrobe department, that will lead you to the rest of building. It's only really the Art Studio, the Games Lounge and the Business Suite left." Skyler explains.
"Thank you so much, and good luck with rehearsing!" I wave at them and head to the Wardrobe Department door.

I push the red velvet curtain away, exposing the door handle and open the door before stepping inside. The room is so bright compared to the dim lighting of the theatre that I have to blink a few times until my eyes adjust to the light.
The back wall of the room is lined with rolls of fabric in every colour under the sun. A few mannequins are scattered around, some with half-finished designs on them. At each of the five desks sits a sewing machine and all sorts of sewing equipment like scissors and pins and spools of thread. The largest desk is currently covered with open fashion magazines and photographs. Two girls stand in front of the desk, consulting the magazines and discussing a new outfit design no doubt.
"Look Jaz," The voluptuous girl with two ponytails says. "All I'm saying is the boots look fabulous as they are, there really isn't a need for all the extra fur here." She points at a magazine page.
"I totally agree Tamz. These ankle boots on the other hand.. They're gorgeous." The other girl, Jaz, responds. She has an adorable little strawberry hairclip in her swept hair. Then she turns her head and notices me. "Well hello there, how ya doin'?" She gives me a once over. "Looking pretty fly." Tamz turns her head and upon noticing me, she hurries forward.
"Omg another opinion! Ok ok, tell me truthfully, how do I look in this dress?" I notice Jaz smiling with a sigh in the background.
"Umm.." I look at the red dress she is wearing, she looks pretty good. "You look stunning."
"Aww thanks babe. It's hard finding a dress that can handle all of this." She gestures to herself and winks.
"Indeed." I grin and then spy a boy with a red mop of hair standing near a mannequin, pinning a dress design on it. "Who's that?" I whisper.
"Oh that's Vicaroy. He's working on his masterpiece and he doesn't like to be disturbed while working." Jaz explains.
"I see. Do you know what he's making?"
"A tribal dress, complete with a fringe collar and tribal patterns sewn onto it."
"Sounds lovely."
"Oh it will be." Tamz winks again.
"Well, I better press on with the tour. I hope to see you soon."
"Bye!" Tamz and Jaz say at the same time.
I leave the Wardrobe Department and step into the next corridor.

This corridor was wider than the first one and also seemed shorter. Three doors led off from the corridor and there was a spiral staircase leading up to somewhere.
Two girls with pointy, sharp vampire teeth stood beside a window, whispering about something. Their voices are too hushed for me to hear. As I pass by them, I notice one of them has deep blue eyes while the other has ghoulish looking black eyes, with their empty depths staring right into my soul. I peel my eyes away from hers. Whoa.
"Ali.. you shouldn't scare the new students like that.. your ghoul eyes are scary enough without the 'peering into your soul' thing."
"But ChiChi..."
"No buts."
"Fine.." Ali sighs. I carry on walking past them towards the nearest door. Just when I grab hold of the handle, ChiChi calls out to me,
"That's the Business Suite by the way. And upstairs is the Games Lounge."
"Oh thanks!" I reply and step inside.

The Business Suite is buzzing. There's almost an electric zing in the atmosphere. A large digital clock hangs on the main wall and underneath it, a giant screen displays an ever-fluctuating graph of coin and gem values. Rows of computers are lined up in the centre of the room, their monitor screens glowing with a soft blue light. Some girls are sitting at these computers, typing at a ridiculously fast rate. Others are going back and forth between the main suite and what seems to be an items storeroom, with hundreds of products stacked up high.
"AA! I need a price check on last month's exclusives!" A girl with slanted eyes calls out.
"On it Lindy!" A girl with cyan coloured eyes replies before disappearing into the items store. At the same time, a girl with purple-streaked brown hair tied in a braid comes out of the storeroom holding a couple of figure skating dresses on hangers. She hands them to a girl already wearing a figure skating dress.
"Here you go Ash, the dresses you asked for."
"Thank you Yoyo." She takes the dresses from Yoyo's hands and holds them up. "So Adie, which do you think is worth more?" Adie is the girl with a black star tattooed over her left eye.
"Well, considering that you hardly see this one on the market nowadays, I'd say that one has a higher value. But then again, this one is prettier."
I turn to look at the other side of the room. A girl with black whisker tattoos etched on her cheeks meticulously weighs green gems and notes down their weight. She types something into a calculator and writes down something else. Her badge reads 'Jess'.
Suddenly, I feel someone poke me. I turn around, only to come face to face with a girl with bright purple hair.
"Hi, I'm Noodle. You must be lost." I laugh at that.
"I'm Ruby, and I'm not lost as such, it's just.."
"Noodle! Did you find the missing file yet?" A girl with red lipstick asks
"No Deni, not yet.."
"Okayy." Noodle turns back to me. "I have to go Ruby. Take care!" She hurries over to a large filing cabinet and begins sifting through files. Deni walks over to me.
"Hello, you look very nice! How are you?" She smiles.
"Thank you! And I'm fine thank you."
"How are you finding the Business Suite?"
"Well, it's very busy in here, almost chaotic."
"Price check on last year's Summer Collection. All 250 items!" A girl with fair skin calls out, as if to emphasise my point. Deni grins.
"It's not always this busy, sometimes it's very dry. Today we have ten people here, on some days we barely have three."
"Oh wow."
"Well I better go and check on the Summer Collection for Bri. Wish me luck."
"Good luck!" She turns and walks into the items store. I'm just about to leave the room when I notice a girl wearing brown lipstick lifting some heavy looking bags and trying to put them into a safe.
"Do you need a hand with that?" I ask.
"Ooh yes please." She smiles and I glance at her badge. Her name is Alice. We lift the bags, which seem to be filled with coins, and place them into the safe. She shuts the safe door and spins the dial, locking it. "Thank you for that." She grins.
"You're most welcome." I smile back. "Well, take care." She waves at me and I wave back before walking out the Suite.

Deciding I should go the Games Lounge next and leave the Art Studio till the end, I climb up the spiral staircase.
The Lounge is a large and spacious with wooden flooring. A pool table lies in the far corner. Several arcade machines line one of the walls and next to them is a vending machine.
A few comfy looking sofas are scattered around. A wide LCD screen is currently showing some anime and there must be a stereo system hidden somewhere because music is playing in the background. I do a quick headcount, there are nine people here. Three girls are sitting on one of the sofas and laughing about something. One girl, wearing a purple tank top with little skull shaped buttons, is getting a drink from the vending machine. The boy, with black framed glasses, is currently out on the balcony, smoking a cigarette. Two other girls were playing pool and the final two girls were actually walking up to me.
"Oh hi there." The girl with a red heart tattooed on her arm says to me and winks.
"I'm JenBen, and this is Jax." She gestures to the other girl, the one with the stylishly ripped black bow on her hair. "Jax. Say hello." Jax pauses her silent rave.
"Omg hey! Welcome to the Lounge." She says before carrying on dancing.
"Hello, and thank you! My name is Ruby."
JenBen grabs hold of my arm.
"Come on Ruby, let me introduce you to everyone!" It didn't look like I had much of a choice anyway, so I let myself be dragged to the girl with the purple tank top.
"This is Kat."
"Hey." Kat smiles. JenBen drags me over to the pool table.
"This is Elly," A girl with marvellous black wavy hair streaked with dark blue, waves awkwardly at me.
"And this is Alien." A girl surrounded by delicate white butterflies nods.
"Hellooo!" I reply with a grin. JenBen takes me to stand near the three girls on the sofa.
"Guys, this is Ruby."
"10!" All three girls say in unison before giggling.
"10?" I ask.
"Guys.." JenBen sighs. "They like to rate things out of ten. They just rated your name a ten." She explains.
"Ohh I see. What are your names then?" I ask the girls.
"Hey chica, I'm Shady." The girl with the rainbow hair bow says.
"10." I grin.
"Hiii, I'm Cait. How's life?" A girl with sleek and long lilac hair says.
"Life's pretty good at the moment." I laugh.
"Yo, I'm Pro." A girl with black hair tied in a ponytail says.
"Nice to meet you, Pro." JenBen takes me back to a quieter sofa.
"I think that's everyone." She says with a grin.
"What about him?" I ask, gesturing to the boy with black framed glasses. He has come in from the balcony and is now switching tracks on the stereo system which was hidden behind the door. (Ah so that's where the music was coming from!). JenBen's voice drops to a whisper.
"You mean Rengifo? He's a mysterious guy. Not much is known about him." At that moment he looks up at us and smiles. Weird.. it was almost as if he heard us.. I shake my head.
"Well, I've only got the Art Studio left to visit."
"Wheee! You'll love that! I love going there."
"I'm sure I will. Thank you JenBen, for all your help." I give her a small hug.
"You're welcome Ruby." She hugs me back. I get up to leave and Rengifo opens the door for me.
"Angele mou." He smiles. I'm not too sure what that means so I just smile back.
"Thank you." And I leave the room.

As I reach the bottom of the staircase, I almost bump into a girl wearing an eyepatch.
"I'm sorry!" She exclaims.
"It's alright, I wasn't looking where I was going anyway."
"I've seen you 'round by the way."
"You have?" I'm a little surprised at that.
"Yeah.." She just stares at me.
"Um, my name's Ruby."
"Ani. You're going to love the Art Studio. They all do." She stares at me again.
"Alright, thank you Ani.."
"No worries." I quickly hurry to the Art Studio door before she stares again.

The Art Studio was massive. It was more of a giant hall than a room. The back wall was lined with framed artworks and the wall opposite the door was made entirely of glass, allowing plenty of light in. There were at least twenty people in here.
Some girls were painting while other girls were modelling for them. Paint pots are stacked in one corner of the Studio and canvases are propped up on easels all around the room. Tables covered with pencils and paintbrushes of all types are scattered here and there and there are a couple of sinks against the wall opposite the gallery wall.
I decide to walk around the studio to see what's going on. A girl with lovely large blue eyes is painting a portrait of a girl wearing a studded necklace and talking with a girl surrounded by a cyan coloured glow.
"You draw eyes beautifully Rin." The glowing girl says.
"Thank you Misa." Rin looks over at Misa's canvas. "Your blending is just wow."
Suddenly I am glomped from behind.
"Kaya! Don't scare the poor girl." Misa tells my glomper.
"Ah I'm sorry." Kaya gets off me and I notice she has fiendishly good looking eyes.
"It's okay, no harm done." I grin at Kaya. "Your painting is lovely Rin."
"Thank you. It's of Talkalot over there." She points to a chair in front of her easel and sure enough, a girl wearing a studded necklace is sitting there. She waves at me so I wave back. I wander over to the next group of artists. A girl wearing a pumpkin head is talking to a curvy girl in stylish white platform boots.
"I don't understand why you wear that pumpkin head though Drew."
"I like it Jules, it's so cute!"
"But, you look like this!" Jules sketches something on her canvas and Drew laughs.
"Oh that is beautiful. I love it!" A boy with ghoulish eyes comes over to see what Drew is laughing about.
"Prince, have you seen what Jules drew for me?" Drew asks and he looks at the sketch.
"It's adorable." He smiles. As he turns to go back to his own canvas he catches sight of me and smiles at me. "Hey! What's up?"
"Nothing really, just looking around. There’s so much talent and I've only seen a few of the artists in here yet!"
"Yes. There's a lot of talent at this institute. Have fun looking around."
"Thank you! I will." I decide I like him, he seems like a nice person.
The next two artists I pass are drawing chibis of each other.
"I'm almost done Yuuna!" A brown haired girl says to a girl wearing see through Astral horns.
"Me too Jella." Yuuna replies. She has a softer, quieter voice. I walk past them and almost bump into a girl with a little red heart sprite swirling around her.
"Haii, how you doin'? Wish me luck I'm going to ask Luciana for a portrait." And she walks up to a girl wearing a darling black coloured hair bow. "Oh Luciana.."
"Oh! Yes Sharzelbee?" Something about Luciana's reaction made me think Sharzelbee was an art collector of sorts. I leave them to it and pass by the sinks where two girls are washing their art equipment. One of the girls is too short to reach the sink so she is standing on a stool.
"You're so cute Adore." The girl with white coloured scrunched party boots says to the girl on the stool.
"Why do you say that Quartz? Because I'm short?"
"Among other things." Quartz smiles. I'm short too, does that make me cute too..? I put that thought away to think about later.
I notice a girl wearing white deer antlers standing near a decorative tree. Three girls have their easels facing towards her. "Alright Blonde, strike a pose!" A girl with icy blue patterns swirling around her eyes and over her cheeks tells the girl with antlers. Blonde arranges herself stylishly.
"Hmm.." A girl with darker skintone has her hands on her hips. "She looks very elegant Jen, but not what we were wanting."
"You have a point Matt. What to do.." Jen responds. Then, a girl with all black, almost demonic looking eyes hurries forward and hands Blonde a makeshift spear. Blonde changes her pose to a more fierce looking pose.
"I feel like some sort of forest fawn assassin now!" Blonde laughs before putting her fierce face back on.
"Perfect! The spear was a great idea Tobi." Jen says. They all sit in front of their easels and begin sketching.
Near the paint cans a girl with forehead tattoos is examining the different shades of paint.
"This would make such a nice hair colour don't you agree Dingus?"
"Oh you and your hair colours Mich!" A girl wearing a black clown nose, Dingus, responds.
I walk over to the final three canvases. A girl with lovely clay coloured skin is modelling for them.
"We're almost done Hollinder." A girl with wavy brown hair tells the model. A streak of black hair covers her right eye and she brushes it out of the way.
"Speak for yourself Joe." A girl wearing small spectacles clipped to the bridge of her nose says.
"Aww Jayy, you're almost done aren't you?"
"Hmm. Perhaps. But there are still some final touches I wish to add."
"I'm done!" The third girl, with braided hair says.
"Ooh let’s see Cat!" Jayy and Joe hurry to see Cat's drawing. I sneak out of the Art Studio feeling very much inspired to draw something..

I make my way back to the Headmaster's office and knock on the door.
"Come in." I push open the door and step inside the neat office once again. "Ah Miss Ruby. Have you made your decision?"
"Yes sir."
"Very well. Will you be requiring an application form?"
"Yes sir." He hands me a form and a pen.
"Sign here and also choose the name you would like printed on your badge and write it in block capitals please."
I take the pen and sign my name on the bottom of the form. Underneath my signature, the seven letters of my chosen name stare boldly at me. I hand him the completed form.
"Thank you." He glance at the form. "Welcome to the oW Forums Institute, Sunehra."
The oW Forums Institute

A short story I wrote for a contest on the oW Forums. I had a lot of fun writing this. ;w;

Hello ^^

I was first introduced to dA when a friend of mine made a piece of artwork for me and uploaded it onto dA to show it to me. I didn't think much of dA at the time. I just looked at the picture, downloaded it and that was that.
Then, whenever I wanted to find pictures on any particular subject, a lot of my Google search results led me to different people's deviations. That's when I realised that there was a vast amount of artwork on almost every subject available to view on dA and so I bookmarked dA.
I would browse artworks and photographs in my spare time, but after a while, I noticed that I was forgetting the deviants for some of my favourite artworks and I thought that it would be good if I could keep a track of all the deviants that I liked, and also all the deviations that I liked. So I made my dA account and added things to my favourites. I wasn't planning on uploading art to my account just then.
A good few months later, I wrote a little piece, and I wanted to be able to share it with some friends, so I decided to upload it to my dA. That was my first deviation. But apart from that one piece of writing, I uploaded nothing else.
A while later, I received a note from a deviant telling me I should not just favourite people's art, but upload some of my own art work too. So shortly after that, I uploaded my first drawing onto dA.
And recently, I have been doing chibi commissions on a game site that I go on, so I have been uploading art more regularly. And I guess that's all there is to my story~

Happy 14th Birthday dA!

Ruby x


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